Assemble a storage wall with stock modular units that include cabinets, file drawers and pull-out shelves with a custom-made look. These items, with easy-to-care-for laminate finishes, are available in catalogs, discount stores, home centers and office furniture outlets.

Bookshelves take up little space but hold lots of office necessities. Look for an interesting wall cabinet to add charm to the room as well as hidden storage. In my remodeled attic, the eaves on each side of the room slope down to less than four feet, which is too low to be usable. To make the most of this space, I bought inexpensive, unfinished wooden stock kitchen cabinets to place side by side on the floor along each wall. These cabinets are not very deep and they’re made to fit right up to the ceiling in a kitchen, and so they don’t have a finished top surface. I had a strip of pine board cut to the length of each wall and slightly deeper than the cabinets. When placed on top, it unifies the cabinets and the whole thing looks like a built-in unit. The cabinets provide two walls of storage for extra office supplies, and I have a surface shelf that spans two entire walls, without taking away any real room space.

Kinds of Cabinets

  1. Stock cabinets are made in standard sizes so you can select the size to fit your needs. These are the least expensive. If they don’t fit exactly in your space and there are only a few inches to fill at each side, you can do this with a space filler or facing board to give them a custom look.
  2. If standard cabinets do not fit in your space, you can find semi-custom cabinets. These are standard units made in 3-inch increments. This gives you some flexibility to better accommodate your space.
  3. Custom cabinets are the most expensive and are made to your exact measurements.
  4. Cabinets come in a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes and can be used for almost any storage situation, from built-in wall-to-wall cabinetry to hanging a single cabinet on an office wall.