A trip to a good home center will reveal all sorts of handy items to organize office, hobby and workshop materials. You’ll find racks, rolling carts, shelving, baskets and flexible storage systems.

  1. A tool box to hold sewing accessories is easy to cart from one area to another and everything is held neatly.
  2. Wire rolling carts can be outfitted with different size baskets to hold tools, fabrics, rolls of wrapping paper, laundry, picnic supplies or beach toys.
  3. Rubbermaid plastic boxes can hold all sorts of odds and ends and keep things neatly stored on shelves in the garage, hobby room, attic or home office.
  4. Large plastic recycling containers are perfect for keeping a garage shipshape. They’re also good for holding large toys such as trucks and cars.
  5. Lee/Rowan’s ten-runner basket system can be used to form the base of a hobby/work table or a planter’s potting bench in the garage or painter’s area, or for holding sewing equipment, with the top used for cutting and pinning fabric.
  6. Tilt baskets go on the wall or side by side on shelves. They are approximately 9×11 inches. You can see what’s in them at a quick glance because the front is lower than the back.
  7. Steel-rod industrial shelf units such as those used in commercial kitchens can be used to hold everything from media equipment to tools in the garage. The extra-deep shelves can be positioned at any height. These sturdy units made of chrome or enamel can support heavy objects and the open wire shelves won’t collect dust.
  8. Mobile garment racks are efficient closets that allow you to store extra clothes wherever you can find an out-of-the-way spot. They offer a solution for temporary clothes storage in a guest room or for storing winter coats in summer without using valuable closet space.
  9. Wicker mail baskets are available in sizes to hold letters or magazines and can be mounted on a home office wall over the desk. This is a good way to organize daily mail clutter.
  10. Rolling file cabinets shuttle your office from one room to another, but best of all you can slide the entire unit into a closet and out of the way when desired. Some are well designed in a variety of wood finishes so you aren’t limited to the old-fashioned steel items.
  11. Desktop items such as a magazine butler, business card holder, letter file basket, in-out tray and mail sorting basket keep everything neat and organized on your desk or on shelves. Put these items to use wherever you organize an area for paying bills and you’ll be more efficient.
  12. Wooden cubbies with wicker drawers are proportioned for holding office supplies or filing computer disks. Use them to create a custom arrangement.